Services We Provide

S.O.R.E. Oilfield Services Inc. is located in Lloydminster, Canada’s only border city. We supply all of your oilfield fluid hauling needs, as well as hotshotting and grain transportation in both Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Oilfield Fluid Specialties:

  • Produced Oil
  • Produced Water
  • Fracturing Fluids
  • Drill fluids

Available for Oilfield Hauling:

  • Insulated Super B’s
  • Non-insulated Super B’s
  • Insulated Triaxles
  • Non-insulated Triaxles
  • 406 Spec Triaxles
  • 407 Spec Triaxles
  • Bodyjobs


  • Oil Trailers
  • Grain Trailers
  • Cattle Liners

Grain Hauling:

  • Super B’s