Mike Keeler

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Introducing Mike Keeler, a competitive body builder from right here in Lloydminster.

Mike has been body building for the last 5-6 years, but really going hard with it for the past 3 years! His favorite part about body building is the competitiveness, not with others but himself. Competing against himself & just trying to be better than the day before!

This fall, October 7th will be his first competition that he will be able to compete in, was out the last 2 years due to injuries! This competition will be held in Edmonton, you can purchase ticket online at the Windspear Centre or you can purchase at the door (a little extra at door).

It takes years to prep for competitions like these. What does it take to prep? Well 10-12 meals a day for starters! A solid 3 hour contest prep workout, 1 hour cardio, 20-30 minutes of intense cardio & 30 minutes of core workout! It is a very strict routine, it take a lot of determination to keep up with a body builder lifestyle!

Even with such a strict routine he finds time to enjoy the gym with a little workout buddy, his 12 year old daughter! & I am sure he will be gaining some more new workout buddies seeing as he has a 10 year old daughter & an 8 year old son!

Mike already has a crazy schedule with body building & his three kids but on top of that he also works in the oilfield industry! Not sure how you do it Mike but we sure admire your strength & determination! Keep up the great work & we look forward to seeing you compete this fall! Good luck!
SORE Oilfield is a proud sponsor of Mike Keeler!!

You can follow Mikes body building life on instagram @keelermike & twitter @keelermk