Local Support

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Kaleigh Abraham, a DJ at our local radio station – Lloyd FM, is participating in the Terry Fox Run on September 18th here in Lloydminter at Bud Miller Park.  While many of the participants are raising funds through pledges for the run, Kaleigh is doing something more.

Kaleigh has taken on the ambitious goal of raising $2,500 for The Terry Fox Foundation by promising to shave her head and donate her hair (17 inches worth) if she reaches her fundraising goal before the run on the 18th.

We are honoured to support Kaleigh in her mission by donating to her cause and we encourage the community to to do what they can to help too.  As of now, she’s raised 84% of the funds, so she’s almost there!  We’re rooting for you Kaleigh! Thank you for your incredibly selfless and generous gesture!

To learn more about Kaleigh’s involvement with the Terry Fox Foundation & the Terry Fox Run, or to donate to Kaleigh’s cause, click here.